Saskia Burggraaf

Saskia Burggraaf makes video (installation), performances and drawings. She is searching for 'the alternative' and is interested in the social rules or conventions in mass culture and the influence they have on the individual. She looks at how 'the alternative'reacts on those conventions and observes how they work, but also looks at how these conventions influance her art practice. She uses the theory of the philosopher Foucault about the 'Heterotopia', spaces that are created by the failure of society and apply different rules on social standards. Are conventions changeable? She researches these unwritten rules and who makes them by approaching 'the artist'as a role that can be staged or played. Her practice consists of different media, the form will follow the concept. Her performances and installations are often centered around the manipulation, registration and is directing her viewer, the audience, but also herself.

She works primarily in Haarlem and The Hague and is part of The Holls Collective.



Curriculum Vitae
Name : Saskia Jorinde Burggraaf
Adress: Pieter Kiesstraat 47E, 2013 BE Haarlem
Phone: 0031629318944
Date of birth: 22-03-1989
Place of birth: Haarlem
The Netherlands

Royal Art Academy Den Haag (graduated 2012) Nomination Vishal Artprice
Basic pre year Royal Art Academy Den Haag 2006-2007 SUBSIDY
Graphic/etching lessons at Royal Art Academy Den Haag, 2006 Stokroos funding 2014/2015
Highschool - Havo 2001 – 2006 Mondriaan funding Art Brussels (The Holls,2015)
Stroom Spot Subsidy (The Holls, 2013 and 2015)
Residency program /exhibition at Surface Arts, Chiang Mai, Thailand, July 2015.

Participating in performance by Krõõt Juurak

Masterclass 3D-print Oct 2014 – April 2015

Boardmember of Nieuwe Vide artspace Haarlem, 2013 - current

Committee member/jury for new members
at Nieuwe Vide artspace Haarlem, 2012 – heden.

Co founder and member Holls Collective - artist collective
together with artists : Lotte Pet, Dora Benyo,
Machteld Rullens,Katinka van Gorkum, Pia Louwerens,
Josje Hattink, Lisanne Ackermann,
2013 – current
Next to making work, also responsible for PR, newsletters, texts about work, translations, social media and maintain netwerk and connections in the field of practice, text for funding applications.

Courses and teaching, different locations (artspaces and schools) 2013 - current, adults and children.
Example : workshop 'What my Tees say about me' studio visit for highschool teens, preview and talk about exhibition,
making t-shirts after discussion about clothing, comsumption and identity.

Lecture about own practice, ‘Art and Identity’ , students of CMV Het Gemak, Den Haag, 2013

Finance and subsidy coordination, ‘Groenlicht exhibition’, 2011 – 2012, (Funding: fonds 1818, Prins Bernhard cultuur fonds, Gemeente den haag)

Co founder and volunteer Give away shop Haarlem, 2006 - current

Exhibition at Nieuwe Vide, september 2015, more info soon

Residency program/exhibition at Surface Arts, Chiang Mai, Thailand, July. Work will go to London after. More info soon.

'Got my mind on confetti and confetti on my mind', performance with The Holls Collective, Art Brussels, 25 – 27th april
Installation, 37PK Platvorm voor de kunsten, in collaboration with 3D-lab, 1th of may 2015 - unknown

'Jojje', video installation and stained glass window. A collaboration/exhibition between the city Haarlem, (Netherlands) and Gent, (Belgium). First exhibition during event 'Haarlemse Lente' march, 2015. After that, the exhibition will travel to Gent. More info soon.

B(usiness) as U(sual), project 'Outsourcing performance' with The Holls Collective at Showroom MAMA, dec 19th – feb 8th

'Wealth is a ghetto', ready made, photo's, Lichtfabriek, Haarlem, during Kunstlijn, 1+2 oct.

'You should have been there, you should have seen her face', 2 performances, ACT- The act of performance, Aug 31th, Sept 7th, Kunstliefde, Utrecht

'Value added', video installation, 'Exploit!', Nieuwe Vide Artspace, July 6th – Aug 8th

‘Heterotopia/Music/Space, installation/drawings interactive work during 'M2', 37PK, Haarlem , April/May/June

 'Oh! Art!' installation/drawings, ‘Mapping the Universe’ Vishal Haarlem, April 5th – May 4th

'I am not a painter, he is not a...' Performance/Videoinstallation, groepsexhibition ‘Frames of Thinking’, Het Poortgebouw, Rotterdam, February 7th – February 9th

'The Pioneer Piece' performance during Museumnight Leiden, Hortus Botanicus, The Holls Collective, May 17th

Party Hats/Hoedjes/Chapeaux/Huetchen/Sombreros x 1000, performance/installation during 'Stroom evening', Lucent Danstheater, The Holls Collective,
 January 13th

'Avantgarde en de achterban', 37PK, Haarlem, three evenings of performances/presentations of The Holls Collective, September 14th , October 26th,,December 14th

''The performance”, Time Body Viewer' , groupexhibition, KADMIUM Delft, The Holls Collective, November 2th, - December 2th,

'Here is always somewhere else', 'Where are we now' , group exhibition and nomination Vishal Art price, Vishal, Haarlem, December 7th 2013 – January 7th

'Binnenstaander', video installation/site specific werk and performance, exhibition with Laurence Aegerter, Dan Geesing, Rens van Meegen, October 31th - January 5th Museum Het Dolhuys, National Museum for Psychiatry.

'Anne 2.0', video, UHM meets Pirate Cinema', Mercedes Azpilicueta en Ohad Ben Shimon, Dóra Benyó, Tjeerd Oudehand, Pia Louwerens, Amir Tirandaz, Trapper, Lisanne Ackermann, Sandra Walusimbi Nanteza, Shoot 8, Saskia Burggraaf, Veniamin Kazachenko, Iris Donker, Josje Hattink. Filmvertoning, September 27th

Several works / installations , ‘On the contrary’, Nieuwe Vide artspace, exhibition with Mahal de Man and Caroline de Bruijn August 16th, - September 8th

'Blushing is not an art/Blozen is geen kunst', interactive video installation, group exhibition, ‘Downstream’, 37PK, Haarlem, May 25th , - June 23th

Exhibiting video ‘Suffering from Nostalgia’ accompanied on piano by Niels van der Weiden, ‘Binger project’ April 11th, 2013, Library Haarlem

Several works at groups exhibition (own organization) ‘Relax Baby Be Cool’, The Holls Collective, March 8 – 9 - 10th , 'Haarlemse Lente' presents: The Holls Art Collective, Haarlem

Vishal auction, ‘De visafslag’, Vishal Haarlem, exhibition February second – March 2th, Feb 2th, Sold one out of serie ‘I don’t even want to hear your heartbeat!’




Saskia Burggraaf


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